Education for all

AISF demands free and compulsory education for all the students from Kinder garden (KG) to Post graduation (PG) level. Thus we have been fighting against the privatization and commercialization of education since our foundation.

Employment to all

The government must ensure employment to all the youth depending on their abilities or on the basis of their formal education. That is why AISF demands Bhagat Singh National Employment Guarantee Act i.e BNEGA to be enacted by the Parliament of India.

Continuous struggle against communalism and religious fundamentalism

AISF has been challenging hate-spewing communal forces in the country and striving hard for maintaining communal harmony among the masses. Many AISF members have sacrificed their lives in the past while preventing the culmination of religious riots.

Fight against Imperialism which is the highest stage of capitalism

After the formation of AISF, in the early years, AISF fought against the British imperialism and fascist aggression and sacrificed lives for establishment of world peace. The struggle still continues in the neo liberal era to overthrow the current imperialist forces ruling the countries like USA and Israel.

Social Justice and Fight against gender discrimination

AISF stands by the values of social justice against all kinds of discrimination. It believes that the state policies must provide equal opportunity, justice and dignity to every human being irrespective of their gender.

Moving towards a classless and a casteless society

The principal motto of AISF is scientific socialism including annihilation of class as well as caste structures, which would ultimately lead the society towards a classless and a casteless society.

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